AOFB Logo ImageWhen we moved to Agawam in 2010, we had come from a small, central Massachusetts town. We know how dynamic small business growth is, with many business starting and thriving while others close down for many reasons. We had a couple businesses of our own in Spencer, MA and were fortunate to have had one of our stories told on television (The Phantom Gourmet). We think that the more people know about how and why businesses start, the more likely they’d be to support it.

So, this is our attempt to spread the word. Tell the stories. Get at the human interest aspect of a business.

We support our local cable access operation and our stories are developed with that in mind. Of course, we know about the Internet and Youtube and social media. So, we use those, too.

If you have a business in Agawam, or are based in Agawam with a business in the surrounding communities, let us know. Use the Contact page to send us questions and comments.